An high level online and on-site teaching



In the latest months, the Politecnico had to reinvent teaching, in order to face the sudden and unexpected emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

PoliTO’s response to face the emergency was unprecedented: during the emergency period, the strengthening of IT infrastructure, plus the identification of technological solutions and of new teaching methods permitted the almost regular functioning of teaching and assessment activities.

Online teaching turned into a unique occasion to test innovative teaching methods – such as virtual reality for projects’ reviews and online visits for laboratories and cultural sites – and to introduce teaching and evaluation approaches that may become part of PoliTO students’ daily life in the near future, when the emergency phase will be over.

However, online teaching cannot substitute the richness offered by teaching in presence and by the relationships that flourish in our community, a community that goes beyond Politecnico’s physical spaces and covers the entire city – e.g. within collegi and sport centres – with cultural activities, events and much more.

For this reason, the Politecnico is committed to ensure, for the next academic year, teaching activity also in presence, always in compliance with safety regulations. Our classrooms and laboratories will host seminars, simulations with live discussions of students and professors, project classes, architectural design ateliers, student teams, problem solving/challenge activities (where groups of students with different backgrounds find innovative solutions for complex problems), experimental labs and theses, internships. Concerning frontal teaching, 86 classrooms will be equipped in order to ensure that students can easily attend the selected course both in presence or online.

Furthermore, the Politecnico will guarantee to students who won't be able to be in Turin on September the possibility to attend online the entire curriculum of 2020/2021 Academic Year: the aim is to offer an equal training experience corresponding to that of the students who will join on-site activities. PoliTO will also guarantee full flexibility to pass from one mode to the other, perhaps attending the first semester from home and postponing the in-presence attendance to the second semester.