Degrees for tomorrow’s professionals

The latest data on the employment rates of Politecnico’s former students confirm a trend that has never cracked, not even during the years of the crisis: PoliTO’s graduates find work, and their employment is more stable and better paid than the average of Italian university graduates.

Over 90% of master graduates find a job one year after obtaining their degree (vs. a national average of 71.7%, Almalaurea data) and their wages are almost 250 euros per month higher than the average of graduates in other Italian universities.

The labour market recognizes to PoliTO’s graduates the ability to find solutions, work in teams, relate to the world, as well as a first-class technical preparation. All these skills depend on increasingly innovative and engaging teaching methods: the student is core to the learning process, being empowered and enabled to experiment innovative solutions by challenging himself even in contexts that are less traditional than the frontal lessons. For instance, the Student Teams and the challenges are teaching forms based on multidisciplinary and learning by doing methods: groups of students with different backgrounds cooperate to solve problems often selected by companies that collaborate with PoliTO and choose concrete case studies, anticipating future professional issues. Politecnico’s network with – not only – local companies eases the access to the job market, providing internships and experimental theses in collaboration with firms and encouraging the possibility to make a real work experience during the study period.

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